There Are Many Services We Offer You And Your Pet


Wellness exams, Senior exams and Vaccinations

Help your pet maintain optimum health through yearly wellness examinations, including required vaccinations. We can monitor for issues such as weight changes, dental disease, heart disease, lump formation and overall general well being. As animals reach their senior years twice yearly examinations may be advisable. Loved ones at this stage of life often need more care and closer monitoring, as well as early detection of developing diseases that are often associated with the aging process. 



Spays, Neuters and other surgical procedures

We offer spays and neuters for dogs and cats of any age. Our surgical suite is equipped with state of the art monitoring devices and equipment to make sure your pet is safe. A registered veterinary technologist will be at your pet`s side during anesthesia to ensure it`s welfare.

We also offer other surgical procedures such as lump removals, bladder stone removal, foreign body removals, dental surgery, etc. 



Dental Cleanings & Extractions

Oral hygiene is an important key to whole body health. Plaque and tarter build up in a dog or cat`s mouth can cause bad breath, oral pain and tooth loss, as well it can lead to heart disease and infections elsewhere in the body.  In addition to dental cleanings there are other alternatives such as brushing teeth, dental diets and water additives to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy. In February and September each year we offer additional dental services during Dental Month. Please contact us for more details.



In Clinic Diagnostics

For pets that are ill or injured we are equipped with modern in-house diagnostic equipment. Our state of the art digital x-ray machine will help locate broken bones, masses, tumors, infected lungs, enlarged heart and foreign bodies that your pet may have ingested. Our high quality digital x-ray images are ready to be viewed within minutes.

We have a variety of in-house diagnostic laboratory equipment that allows us to check for certain types of parasites, run urinalysis and also check ear and lump samples. Furthermore, our modern in-house blood machines can analyse your sick (or healthy!) pet`s blood, providing important results the very same day. 


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General Services

We offer a wide range of general services such as advice and consultation on nutrition, allergies, skin care, senior palliative care management, arthritis care, weight loss management and feline urinary problems just to name a few!




Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we’re always here to help!